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U Food on Facebook [12.2.2020]
白兔糖Cocktail! 中環酒吧$88甜品放題 任食芒果糯米飯/火焰棉花糖

U Food on Instagram [12.2.2020]
白兔糖Cocktail! 中環酒吧$88甜品放題 任食芒果糯米飯/火焰棉花糖

Exquisite Taste [22.8.2019]
The ThirtySix Bar & Co

Weekend Weekly [03.7.2019] – Video
今次《非常餐單》帶大家來到中環 The ThirtySix Bar ! 各位可先跟調酒師來一個Cocktails Workshop,再吃一個豐富的Tea Set!

The Loop HK [23.8.2019]
The Best New Bar in Hong Kong goes to The ThirtySix for 30 Best Eats 2019! presented by Dishtag

The Loop HK [21.8.2019]
36 won best new bar!

@holiday.presslogic [11.7.2019] – Video

PressLogic – Holiday 假期日常 [11.7.2019] – Video
男神吳彥祖進軍飲食界中環開餐廳!超豐富漢堡/炸雞皮必食 多款精緻雞尾酒

TVB [11.7.2019] – Video
【今期流行】吳彥祖新開酒吧 主打Highball

飲食男女 [11.7.2019] – Video
【內附男神】吳彥祖中環蘇豪開酒吧 $140飲Highball 仲有機會見男神!

Weekend Weekly [26.6.2019]
中環The ThirtySix Bar & Co $500周末調酒班+獨家餐單 |非常餐單

Post Magazine   [27.4.2019]
Hong Kong highball bar recalls Prohibition-era Chicago mayor with boilermaker cocktail

South China Morning Post   [22.4.2019]
Upscale highballs – the newest drinks craze in Hong Kong

The Standard   [22.2.2019] 
Quirky cocktails

NEXT [22.1.2019]- Video
城中少見Highball專門店!重金屬鎖匙密封威士忌 自製梳打水好講究

Apple Daily [22.1.2019]- Video
城中少見Highball專門店!重金屬鎖匙密封威士忌 自製梳打水好講究

Pop News [08.2.2019]- Video
做法講究 完美高球雞尾酒

Gourmet Traveler – Video
去中環搭上豪華列車 嘆杯冰涼日式Highball

Sing Tao Daily

Esquire HK
Happy hour必試!全新威士忌酒吧及雞尾酒

調配一絲不苟 完美高球雞尾酒

HK News

Metro Daily
經典高球雞尾酒重現 The ThirtySix Bar & Co

Headline Daily
巧手調配 巧手調配

去中環搭上豪華列車 嘆杯冰涼日式Highball

Men Club
中環新酒吧The ThirtySix Bar 豪華火車車座飲 Highball

Men Logic
Highball 點只威士忌加梳打? 中環列車風新酒吧飲法超講究

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A Bit Drunk

The hip spot on Hollywood road is bringing back the HighBall

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The ThirtySix Bar & Co – an ode to the Highball

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The ThirtySix

WOM guide
The ThirtySix: if a Louis Vuitton suitcase was a bar

This hip new bar offers refreshingly reinvented cocktails

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Quirky cocktails

The Drinks List: 5 New Modern Classic Cocktails

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A Worthy Excuse for Whisky

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Women and their whisky